onair options

Masterplay OnAir VGA

The Playout server is also available in a single-channel VGA version. This is often used in stand-alone operation with plasma disply screens and projectors.

Extended remote control

In "slave" mode Masterplay OnAir can completely be controlled by external programs. This option allows e.g. the integration into a Studer DigiMedia environment, which makes it easy for radio producers to produce television in their acquaited environment.

Tape control

This function permits the control of tape machines as external playback devices. As operation with MPEG videos is considerably more flexible, this option is particularly useful for providing seamless transition from a tape-based environment.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS option allows the system to react to position messages captured by the GPS receiver. This permits the creation of a passenger-information system, which displays containing details of the stops or stations coming up, annoucing them as they do so and displaying commercial messages for particular locations.

Playlist import

Masterplay OnAir can import playlists from several well-known accounting systems.


Metadata-Manager allows it to organise files into user-defined tables, thus permitting the creation of a dynamic database with search criteria.

Other Masterplay products

AutoContent and Rendering tools can be used for the automatic creation of content. These applications can process external data, such as programme information or weather reports. The FileTransfer software performs cyclical copying functions, regardless of whether data need to be obtained from a LAN or FTP server, or from email messages.