ONair hardware

The system is based on an optimally configured Windows PC. Exhaustive testing has established which hardware components operate best together. This interplay of the various items, with the aid of redundant elements, helps to ensure optimum system stability.

Networking capabilities

The Windows operating system allows the PC to be integrated easily into existing networks. This enables both content and playlists to be created and managed from any location.

24/7 operation

The system is designed for round-the-clock operation. An optional redundant playout system is used whenever uninterrupted operation needs to be guaranteed in the event of component breakdowns or to allow maintenance work. This consists of a second Masterplay OnAir unit, which play back the same content in synchronisation. The switchover to the redundant system can be carried out manually, automatically or remotely (e.g. via SMS).

Picture reproduction

Apart from the usual MPEG 2 videos, MPEG 1 videos and graphics in the most popular formats can be played. The HD version additionally allows the replay of HD-MPEG 2 files. Masterplay OnAir enables the replay in mixed operation. Different formats can be successively displayed without interruption. The Hardware Decoder automatically adapts the formats to the output format. This ability especially provides large advantages for the HD system, as existing SD files can still be used.

Sound reproduction

The standard version is available in stereo or 4 channel version. The HD version allows the replay of up to 12 audio channels. Apart from the reproduction of the video sound, it can also automatically playback music files from the audio jukebox, e.g. during still-images, or fade to an external audio signal.