onair Sequence programming


Each channel has its own playlist, which maps out its contents. The PlaylistEditor feature included in the package allows you to edit this playlist. Just drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to create a list showing the desired order. The playlist and their contents can be modified during operation, without having to interrupt the display function.

Time controlling

The basis for the playlists is the event technology. Although a playlist can be repeated endlessy by means of the repeat instruction. Masterplay OnAir reacts to a virtually unlimited number of different triggers. This allows a sequence to be played at specific times, on specific days of the week or on a particular date.

Hardware trigger

In addition to time-based events, Masterplay OnAir also reacts to external triggers. So called GPI-triggers can be activated by keyboard or received by the serial interface. This allows e.g. the integration of an SPS system. A communication by the TCP/IP interface is also integrated.

Control of external devices

Masterplay OnAir is also in the position to control external devices by different interfaces. Apart from audio / video switches the system can also be used to control plasma disply screens, projectors and cameras. Direct control of the various interfaces permits total freedom to extend the existing range of devices. Masterplay OnAir also communicates with other Masterplay products such as Masterplay Capture.

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