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Masterplay - Your Single Source for Broadcast Workflow Automation!



Playout for TV Broadcast

Masterplay OnAir is our highly versatile playout system for both HD and SD playback, scheduling and much more. Its scalability makes it suitable for your broadcasting needs. Support for Decklink and AJA (v12 or newer) cards.
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Program Scheduling

Playmaker allows you to schedule your playout and edit your playlists in an easy and intuitive manner.
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Info Channel Production

Multizone is an all-purpose info system that divides the screen into several zones. It allows you to create content in an easy way, e.g. using  PowerPoint. It supports all kinds of media formats.
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Masterplay Capture 

Masterplay Capture does support decklink cards and does support a wide range of file formats, including h.264, avi, dv, dvcpro, mov and many more.

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